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About Us

Wofford Truck Parts, Inc.

Wofford Truck Parts was founded in 1984 in El Paso, TX. as a heavy-duty parts export company. In those days, most of the parts exported into Mexico were sold by companies located along the U.S.-Mexico border. There was little factory representation in Mexico and those companies that did exist had quality issues.

In 1986, Wofford Truck Parts signed an export contract with Volvo North America. The idea was to market their parts in Mexico and other Latin American countries where Volvo had little or no representation. It was then that we decided to increase our business sales to include parts other than diesel engine, transmission, differential and suspension parts that we were selling.

Wofford Truck Parts shifted gears with a goal to supply quality aftermarket parts as well as original equipment parts to the public. The move would propel us to becoming a one-stop facility.

As time progressed, the economy changed and Mexico started having currency devaluations. This resulted in U.S.-made parts increasing in price and affecting sales. We decided to shift our focus to American sales, seeking vendors who could supply the parts we were selling as export to not be in breach of the Volvo contract.

In January of 2005, Wofford Truck Parts incorporated. In 2011, we opened another branch in El Paso and in April of 2012 we relocated that branch to Carlsbad, N.M. In July of 2016, we opened our third branch in Pecos, Texas.

Construction then began on a 30,000 square-foot building which will offer a spacious 5,000 square-foot showroom. Being a disabled veteran owned small business, we recently decided to open a government sales division. We currently have 41 employees and hope to grow even more after we move into our new facility.

We currently offer both genuine replacement as well as aftermarket parts for heavy and medium duty trucks and trailers. We want our customers to have a choice. And we will continue to strive to sell quality parts at a reasonable price.

We are anxiously awaiting our new facility and invite you to come in and see us when we complete our move.

Our new headquarters will be at 9420 Gateway East in El Paso, approximately one mile east of Zaragoza Road on the gateway.

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